Not everyone got a treat during the Student Government Association meeting on Halloween evening, but now organizations will know why they did not, thanks to SGA members voicing their opinions.

SGA allocated $29,360 to campus associations during its meeting Tuesday as part of the BUC Fund. The meeting lasted two hours, and members said it was one of the best BUC Fund sessions to date.

“I just want to say thank you,” said SGA Secretary Megha Gupta to the Senate. “Thank you so much for making this the best BUC Fund [meeting] I’ve ever witnessed in history.”

After the last BUC Fund SGA meeting, members were urged to speak more during the meeting because there needed to be a discussion why an organization did or did not receive funding.

“I feel like it just went really well,” said SGA Vice President Hunter Shipley to the Senate. “Way to come prepared on that.”

Model UN, the Organization of Student Representatives, Shades of Africa, the Public Health Student Association, the Pre-Dental Society, Appalachia Service Project, Men of Distinction & Women of Virtue, Buc Ridge Community Council, and ETSU Alternative Breaks applied for funding by Oct. 24 and met with the SGA BUC Fund Committee on Oct. 26. SGA votes to decide if the organizations will receive the funding or not.

SGA decided to fund Model UN for a trip, the Public Health association for T-shirts, the Pre-Dental Society for an event, Appalachia Service Project for a trip, Buc Ridge Community Council for a holiday party and ETSU Alternative Breaks for a spring trip.

During the meeting, SGA Senate members were able to voice their concerns before allocating the funds. Many members spoke multiple times throughout the meeting to suggest alternatives to the BUC Fund committees’ recommendations.

The next BUC Fund application due date is Nov. 7. The committee will meet with applicants Nov. 9, and SGA will vote on allocations Nov. 14. After Tuesday’s meeting, BUC Fund has $27,610 left in funding until July.