Recently, Buctainment has found co-sponsoring with other campus organizations helps to increase the number of students coming to events.

“We found that the more we co-sponsor, the more students get engaged,” Buctainment Secretary Alex Young said. “And that’s what we’ve been trying to do, is co-sponsor with more [organizations] to get our name out there.”

This semester, co-sponsors of events include the physics department, Black Affairs, Southeastern Asian Culture Society, Residence Housing Association, Adult Commuter Transfer Services and the Student Government Association.

Each semester, Buctainment members go to a retreat to vote on any proposed upcoming events, Young said.

“Really, we compile everything the students tell us they want and we vote on which ones we think are best and what we can afford,” Young said.

Young said “the more students we entertain, the more effectively we’re doing our job.”

However, sometimes events have to be adjusted in order to ensure the maximum number of students will be able to attend.

“We did late night Tuesdays the first semester,” Young said. “No one ever came, so we changed it and now we’re doing late night Fridays and lunch on Tuesdays.”

Young said the lunch shows have proved to be successful.

“We like to provide acoustic music in the cave while people eat their lunches,” Young said.

There are currently three upcoming lunch shows with Rhett Price on Feb. 17, Alex Guthrie on March 17 and Anthem Lights on April 17.

“Our last fall was our most successful ever, so that’s actually what I want to strive for,” Young said. “We’re trying to have a good balance of events to get the most amount of students here.”