ETSU’s Buctainment welcomed two comedians, Drew Lynch and Samuel J. Comroe, on Friday in the D.P. Culp University Center Auditorium, as a part of their “Preferred Parking” tour.

Piriye Bamson, a sophomore and active member of Buctainment, introduced the comedy duo with excitement.

Lynch was involved in a softball accident three years ago that paralyzed one of his vocal cords, causing him to stutter, and Comroe was diagnosed at an early age with Tourette Syndrome.

“There’s still times I’m getting used to it,” Lynch said.

“I’m pretty comfortable and confident with it.”

Lynch opened the night with an anecdote about Stella, his loveable service dog, who garnered a great deal of attention throughout the night.

Comroe followed Lynch with a series of equally hilarious and entertaining jokes.

The show featured bits about the duo’s personal lives, parties and even poked fun at everyday-life experiences.The duo also engaged with audience members throughout the show.

“We wanted to take what we have and make what is perceived as a negative a positive,” Lynch said.

The two friends reunited on stage to offer a question-and-answer portion in which the audience could see their comedic chemistry come together with a nonstop sequence of witty comments.

Comroe started performing stand-up comedy in high school at the age of 17, he said. “I went up for the first time in an auditorium in front of all my friends.”

After Lynch’s accident, Comroe encouraged his friend to become involved in comedy and also learn how to make the best of a difficult situation.

Comroe and Lynch have appeared on a variety of shows, including Conan and BET’s ComicView, and were finalists in NBC’s Stand-up for Diversity talent search.

The duo have toured separately in the past but found that “the road gets lonely.”

They have performed at a number of places and colleges throughout the country. Comroe said he particularly liked New York because of the city life.

“I like the energy; I like being hectic and busy,” Comroe said.

Lynch said one of the reasons he likes comedy so much is because he wants to make people laugh.

“It’s worth it, if you can make a whole theater of people laugh or even make one person laugh,” Lynch said.