ETSU President Brian Noland announced the establishment of the Presidential Fellowship Program during his State of the University address Jan. 30.

The presidential fellowship program is open to all ETSU staff who wish to learn more about leadership and administrative positions.

The program is due to start in July and will run the length of an academic year.

However, the length of involvement depends on whether the staff member is a 12-month or nine to 10-month work scheduled employee with the college.

After looking through all submitted applications, one to three employees will be handpicked by Noland.

The chosen staff members will work on a variety of projects assigned to them by the president and learn about budgeting, policy making and other types of strategic planning.

Throughout the duration of the program, the participants will be working with different levels of staff in each department.

“It is a very neat opportunity for staff to learn administrative skills and work with President Noland,” Chief Communications Officer Joe Smith said.

Smith said the goals and projects designed for each year will encourage chosen staff who wished to one day work an administrative position alongside students but were not given the same experiences.

Since the announcement about a month ago, there have been no specific details about the projects the participants will be involved in.

“I would love to be involved and work with whoever is chosen,” Smith said.

The idea of the program comes directly from Noland.

It is intended to provide enrichment and guidance for those who wish to apply.

“The program will improve future relations between students and the staff who look to follow the same career path,” Smith said.

“It will have a positive effect on how the student body sees the team effort between faculty and staff.”