If you haven’t heard of the Internet comedy duo Rhett and Link already, let me introduce you to them.

With almost 6 million subscribers on their “Good Mythical Morning” channel and more than 4 million subscribers on their other two channels, they have become successful “internetainers” as they call themselves.

Crazy antics, entertaining challenges, thought provoking conversations, podcasts and hilarious songs all make up what Rhett and Link do on a daily basis and what they have been doing on the Internet since their start in 2006.

They also had a short lived television series “Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings” on IFC for one season in 2011 in which they would travel the United States making hilarious local commercials.

In 2009 however, before their appearance on television and before their channels really started taking off in popularity, Rhett and Link made a documentary. “Looking for Ms. Locklear” is the story of Rhett and Link attempting to find their first grade teacher, Ms. Locklear.

That’s right: their first grade teacher. An important part of Rhett and Link’s story is that they met after getting in trouble in first grade and they both had to stay in during recess one afternoon drawing mythical beasts together.

This meeting would’ve never happened without Locklear and that fact – along with the fact they both admired Ms. Locklear — they both started their journey to find her, more than 20 years later.

But in a time of cell phones, emails, Facebook and other technological advances, Rhett and Link decided to take a different route in trying to find their old first grade teacher: face to face conversation and interacting only with people in an attempt to find her.

What started as an experiment, turned into an adventure: meeting all different types of people and getting into adventures they never thought possible.

For example, in an attempt to get help from one man to find Ms. Locklear, they have to agree to sing and perform with him on stage at a fair.

If they help him, he will ask the audience attending if anyone knew of their teacher. 

The story takes an unexpected turn when their search leads them to a Native American tribe that very few people know about. Rhett and Link go on to document some of their struggle to have the United States government finally recognize the group as a Native American group.

Many other adventures and interesting people are met throughout the movie as they continue to search for their first grade teacher.

This documentary has won many awards and was one of the first wildly successful things Rhett and Link has done. If you’d like to watch this documentary, you can rent it on YouTube for as little as $1.99.

I strongly suggest this documentary for it shows not only the stories of many different people, but it also shows a different side of two internet YouTubers — who are often viewed as silly comedians and one trick ponies not to be taken seriously.