The ETSU Student Government Association conducted two open forums Wednesday to discuss plans for the renovation of the D.P. Culp University Center with the student body.

SGA President Doretha Benn said though only 14 students attended the open forums, SGA will move forward with the renovation plan because it received student input through a survey that was conducted last year.

“I do wish that more students would have come, but we have received plenty of complaints about the Culp and talked to many students,” Benn said.

“SGA took a survey last year about what students wanted to see changed in the Culp and that has been guiding this entire process.”

The SGA Senate will vote on a piece of legislation about the renovation plans, which will cost an estimated $45 million and create a new $145 per semester student fee, at its regularly scheduled meeting on March 24.

“We have had student support since the beginning,” Benn said. “We wouldn’t have brought this up without consulting students first. I feel confident moving forward because it’s about time this building belonged to the students again.”