The ETSU Student Government Association Senate passed a resolution in a 23-0 vote with one abstention Tuesday to renovate, rebuild and rename the D.P. Culp University Center in 2016.

The SGA executive staff made a presentation during the Senate’s previous meeting to inform the senators about the legislation they would be voting on during the meeting Tuesday.

The same presentation was shown during an open forum last Wednesday to introduce the renovation plans and fees to students. Fourteen students showed up to the open forum and conveyed positive feelings about paying the fees and seeing the renovations.

“Just remember that this fee is so large right now because we don’t want to make this a band-aid fix,” SGA Vice President Zack Sholes said. “This is going to last us for a very, very long time.”

SGA President Doretha Benn said the D.P. Culp University Center received its last renovation five years ago. The renovation focused on the center’s cooling and heating systems rather than the building’s decorative themes or technology.

“I feel like the issues aren’t with the renovations themselves, but informing students of how the process will be handled,” Sen. Nathan Farnor said. “Students are wondering where they are going to eat while renovations are happening, so they need to know that this will be a perfectly functioning building.”

The Senate shared positive feedback during discussion from students around campus.

“Having a good student center is a huge selling point for colleges,” Sen. Haven Spanyer said. “When potential students see our student center, they’re not very impressed. We need to change that so students can feel at home here, stay on campus more and build more friendships.”

Most senators conveyed the excitement expressed by upperclassmen who will not be paying the fee. However, the senators feel most underclassmen are excited about the renovations and understand how the fees will be used.

“I know that $145 is a lot of money to anyone here,” Sen. Alex Cassell said. “But once you explain what the money is going towards, people will really get behind it because the Culp has got to be fixed.”