ETSU recently released its enrollment report to the Tennessee Board of Regents.

The numbers have varied throughout the years, but this year ETSU has a total enrollment of 13,362 students.

This includes the College of Medicine with an enrollment of 530 students and the College of Pharmacy with an enrollment of 317 students.

According to statistics provided by Ramona Williams, vice provost for enrollment services and management, the undergraduate and graduate students make up the rest of the enrollment, with 2,246 graduates and 10,269 undergraduates.

The enrollment this year is about 10 percent higher than last year’s starting class enrollment. ETSU is receiving more applications, with fewer people being terminated or withdrawing. That leaves the university with the option to accept or deny applications.

With 366 acres, ETSU has made a name for itself among state and national rankings because of its large enrollment for such a small university.

ETSU is trying to reach out to high schools to provide students with more information on how to apply and enroll in classes. The university is trying to lower the number of applications that are withdrawn by creating more access to campus life and reaching out to local communities to raise awareness.

The university is also offering distance education enrollment, which will help expand the university’s higher education programs.

ETSU is always trying to become more diverse and offer a form of stability for its students.

This is how the university keeps students and lowers the withdrawal ratings.

ETSU has came a long way since its establishment in 1911, and it continues to move forward with its programs to offer something for everyone.

Expanding the programs that already exist is another major target of the university.