Johnson City and Freiburg, Germany are 4,498.9 miles apart. Fortunately, a local restaurant has brought the food and feeling of Germany right to our very own downtown.

Freiburg’s was opened in 2008 by Andreas Herholz and his wife Michelle. They named the restaurant after Freiburg — Herholz’s hometown — which is located in East Germany. It is an 800-year-old silver mining town that has turned into a bustling city with a population of 230,000 people.

While Freiburg is a large city, the restaurant’s atmosphere feels extremely homey. The brick, two-story interior provides a rustic feel with its wooden floors and German-themed decorations. Soft music and lighting set the stage for what is going to be an incredible and delicious experience.

The staff is very kind and very quick to offer suggestions, since many new customers are unfamiliar with German foods other than bratwurst and sauerkraut. No matter what you order, you will leave satisfied every time. Freiburg’s offers huge portions and many delicious options for adventurous eaters and ones who tend to play it safe.

For the price, Freiburg’s is a steal, especially when you consider the fact that a ticket to Germany will cost you over $1,000 dollars per trip. Monday through Friday they offer a lunch special from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for only $4.99.  The specials are a healthy portion of a main dish along with two sides. One of the restaurant’s most popular sides, along with sauerkraut, is their Bratkartoffeln. Bratkartoffeln is their version of German pan fried potatoes. These potatoes are seasoned with green onion and bacon and never seem to disappoint.

The classic pork and chicken schnitzel are paired on their menu with an array of different sauces and sides, which can please all types pallets. Their beer cheese pairs with most menu items and makes for a great addition to the food.

Speaking of beer cheese sauce, what is a trip to Germany without beer? Freiburg’s offers five different types of beer on tap, all of them being German specialties. Customers can enjoy lager, hefeweizen, pilsner and more, served in traditional mugs, Freiburg’s German authenticity goes right down to the cups. They do not skip a step.

If you are still following the “saving money” route, like most college students do, they have a daily happy hour from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. For customers who don’t prefer alcoholic beverages, your drink is still served in a giant pint mug.

Freiburg’s comforting atmosphere, delicious food and fair prices will keep customers coming back for more.