SGA elections are this week, with campaigning beginning this Monday at midnight.

Between all of the campaigning, yard signs, buttons, t-shirts and candidates asking for your vote for a week straight, it can be easy to forget how to do the most fundamental task: vote.

While asking students for their vote is the main part of campaigning for SGA, the voting process seems to be a mystery.

“The SGA election will be conducted online as part of the ETSU online survey system,” said Jeff Howard, SGA adviser and dean of students. “This is the same system used to rank SGA concert options and to vote for Homecoming King and Queen candidates. An email will be sent to all students with the election link, and it will also be accessible via the ETSU homepage.”

If students voted in the homecoming election, voting in the SGA election will be generally the same process.

Once students receive an email about the election, they can vote. If a student deletes that email, the link will still be open on the school’s homepage.

Students will have to log into the system with their current username and password in order to vote.

“The ballot opens at 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 14, and closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 15,” Howard said.

After countless hours of campaigning, t-shirt sporting and putting stickers on everything you own to support your candidate, the results will be announced this week.

“The SGA Election Commission will meet to certify results on the evening of April 15, and an email of results will be sent to the student body once certified,” Howard said.

The next week will be filled with hectic campaigning, buttons, yard signs and stickers. This is the week when student voices matter most. Don’t forget to vote!