April may be one of the most stressful months of the year for many college students—projects, exams and — for some — graduation are bringing a lot of extra responsibilities under way.

Campus organization THRIVE is hosting an event on April 14 in order to help students eliminate some of this added stress from their lives.

THRIVE is a campus organization that takes the letters of its name from: informaTion, outreacH, awaReness: suicIde and Violence


As part of the ETSU Counseling Center, THRIVE aims to help students thrive in their daily lives on campus by giving students resources to prevent suicide and violence in their own lives, as well of the lives of those close to them.

Although this is the first year that THRIVE has been an outreach program at ETSU, this is the third time that the event has happened on campus.

“THRIVE evolved from a program known as SVP—Suicide and Violence Prevention,” said THRIVE coordinator Beth Evelyn Barber.

“This is THRIVE’s inaugural year as an outreach program, so we are very excited to wrap up our first year with such a fun and important event.”

Barber says there will be many activities available for attendees at the event, including giveaways, workshops and more.

“There will be yoga hosted by Kim Bushore-Maki of Shakti in the Mountains at 11 a.m. and guided meditation led by Rachel Vineyard at 12 p.m.,” Barber said.

“Students will be able to interact with therapy dogs that will be on campus for the event. Also, we will have board games hosted by Tabletop.”

Many other relaxing activities will be provided for students to partake in during the course of the event, which will run from 11 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the pedestrian mall next to the amphitheater.

If the weather does not permit for the event to be held outdoors, the event will move to the Cave Patio.

Barber encourages everyone on campus to stop by the event.

“This time of year can be very stressful for students, with upcoming assignment due dates, exams and graduations,” Barber said.

“Faculty and staff, too, often feel the pressure around this time, and we want to provide students with skills and information they can use to reduce their stress. Students, faculty and staff can come by the event, socialize and grab a snack all while learning ways to stress less.”