Student Quarters, the apartment complex behind ETSU previously known as Campus Ridge, was the site of a shooting Monday.

Since the incident, which took place at 1301 Seminole Drive, police have arrested two ETSU students in relation to the shooting.

Police arrested Tracon Hawkins, 19, after several eyewitnesses identified him as the shooter.

Hawkins reportedly left the parking lot in a white SUV after the shots were fired.

Police reported that they found the gun used in the shooting in the SUV with Hawkins.

Gad Nagba, 20, was arrested on drug charges when he was linked with a backpack police found during their investigation of the shooting.

The backpack contained 67.5 grams of marijuana, four pills and other drug paraphernelia.

Nagba played linebacker for ETSU’s first football class but is no longer on the team’s roster.

Hawkins and Nagba were jailed in the Washington County Detention center and held on bonds of $2,000 and $22,000, respectively.