Almost every year, BUC Fund typically gets depleted by the end of the year after organizations apply and receive necessary funding for events at the end of the semester.

While there has been an occasion for dipping into the next year’s funds, this year BUC Fund will end with a surplus.

The remaining amount is currently at $838, with an additional $7,000 being returned by this year’s ETSU-Con.

“We technically did not get the ETSU-Con money back for this semester,” Secretary of Allocations Ryan Jamison said. “So, while it looks like we got it, it’s not allowed to be allocated to organizations at the moment.”

Jamison feels the committee this year has done well in all aspects, but it’s the Senate that will often change amounts.

“What most senators don’t realize is that the committee spends around four hours not only determining why an organization should get funded and who should get funded, but how much can be spent now in order to save money for the next semester,” Jamison said. “You have to be conservative in some aspects because there’s no policy which separates fall and spring budgets.”