The Charles C. Sherrod Library is a place many students, faculty and staff become acquainted with throughout their years at ETSU.

From the study rooms and quiet floors, to the Dead Week activities it provides, it is hard not to feel at home in the library.

For the upcoming school year, ETSU has added two new library staff members, Brooke Lyon and Lydia Gwyn, who will be ready to assist students at the Research Help Desk.

Adding new staff was just one of many changes to the library that took place over the summer. More computers have been added on the first floor, second floor and in the late night study, which many students have been requesting.

Students have also requested a door to enter late night study through the main building.

Per student requests, the library will also now be equipped with a microwave and self-serve lockers.

“We’ve had requests for this for quite a while,” said Pat Van Zandt, dean of university libraries. “I’m sure the students will be happy to see it.”

The microwave and lockers will enhance the library and college experience for many, especially commuter students who often must carry their day with them.

Over the years, the roof of the Sherrod Library has leaked, but there has not been any damage to the books or computers. There will be roof repairs going on throughout the year. There may be some noise from the repairs, but the complete timeline is not yet known.

Van Zandt wants all students to understand the features that set the Sherrod Library apart from other libraries. Along with helpful staff members, who are available in person, by phone and by email, there is also a silent study on the fourth floor and interactive learning on the third floor.

Another feature of the Sherrod Library is the Knowledge Imaging Center scanner. The KIC scanner makes saving documents and book pages simple, allowing users to email or save information.

“Take advantage of everything the library has to offer: helpful staff, spaces and furniture for group and individual study, print and online resources, computers, Einstein’s, special events and more,” Van Zandt said.

The library also has a Student Advisory Council that meets monthly throughout the year. The council is advised on library policy and procedure, and they decide how library fees are spent. For more information on how to join, email

The Sherrod Library also hosts events throughout the year, such as Dead Week activities and therapy dog visits. Librarians will also be stationed throughout campus for the first week of the semester to ensure new students can find their way around campus.

The library is always there to help students, and library staff look forward to a successful school year. To reach the Reference Desk, email or text 423-781-0863.