With the commencement of a ribbon cutting, a new type of adventure began at ETSU.

On Aug. 30, President Brian Noland and Joe Sherlin, vice president for student affairs, officially welcomed the Basler Team Challenge and Aerial Adventure Course to the campus, which will provide students and faculty with increasingly difficult challenges, from rappelling to aerial balance courses.

“We’re proud to welcome a world-class challenge course; it’s a part of the process of evolution all throughout our campus,” Noland said, who test-ran the course a week prior with Sherlin before undertaking it amidst the ribbon cutting crowd.

“This course will test your personal, mental and physical limits,” Noland said.

Outside of personal achievement, the course is also being seen as a bridge to increased community. Even while strapped in safety gear, preparing to be harnessed in, Sherlin also saw the bigger picture.

“This [course] is opening up our campus and our community for people of varying abilities,” he said. “It’s in line with our mission of what we’re doing with our university.”

Student Government Association President Pooja Shah could not participate alongside Noland and Sherlin in traversing aspects of the course, but said she was excited for the opportunity to try. She was even more excited for students who can have fun while finding important lessons and experiences.

“I think students are really excited to come out here and try this out; it’s a way for students to get involved and engaged,” said Shah, noting how she participated in the team building courses as a freshman. “There’s an opportunity for a learning experience and a challenge. I’m really excited to see what it brings to our students this year.”

The times available for the aerial adventure course come in blocks. From Tuesday to Thursday, students can sign up for a 4:30, 5, or 5:30 slot. Reservation is required, which can be found on the CPA’s webpage.