According to ETSU’s sorority and fraternity life webpage, 773 students participate in the university’s 14 different fraternity and sorority chapters. 

That number is expected to increase as ETSU welcomes a new sorority to the campus: Alpha Omicron Pi.

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded in 1897 at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City. Now, AOII has 206 collegiate chapters across the nation.

There are currently members on campus that were part of AOII at other universities and are now students at ETSU, helping colonize the chapter. Wearing their red shirts, they have been at booths in the Quad representing their sorority and answering questions for those who are interested in joining.

“We’re really excited to be a part of the community,” said Lauren Smith, an AOII education leadership consultant from Eastern Washington University. “It seems to be a great fit for AOII.”

Another education leadership consultant shares a similar view.

“We’re really excited for the new members of the colony to leave their mark on ETSU campus because they will be founding members of the chapter,” said Jordan Seaman, an AOII education leadership consultant from University of Central Missouri. 

Alpha Omicron Pi will have recruitment Sept. 23-25. More information is available at TEAMAOII.COM/ETSU.  

The university has also hired a new director of fraternity and sorority life, Shawn Dowiak. 

“I’ve been involved in Greek life since I was an undergrad,” Dowiak said. “I was president of my own fraternity and saw the values that it entailed. I volunteered for my national fraternity and served as Tau Delta Phi’s international president. It’s something I’ve always done.” 

Dowiak said his plans as director are to work with fraternity and sorority life to transform it for the better. The office of fraternity and sorority life has asked sorority women and fraternity men to dress to badge on Tuesdays to show Buccaneer Greek pride.