On Nov. 2, the university notified campus via email that a female student reported to a Campus Security Authority that she was fondled over her clothes in a residence hall by a male acquaintance.

The assault happened in the male’s residence hall room during the early hours of Oct. 31. The name of the residence hall was not disclosed to protect the identity of the students involved.

The last reported sexual assault was unfounded, leaving the total reported sexual assaults for the semester at three.

This report falls into what is known as “The Red Zone,” which means that the majority of sexual assaults that occur on a college campus happen between August – November.

The incident is still under investigation.

Correction: Due to the letter head of the safety report saying, “from the Department of Public Safety,” there was confusion as to who the sexual assault was originally reported to. The assault was originally reported to a Campus Security Authority at a residence hall and campus police became aware of it once the safety notice was sent out.