This year, the Honors College Student Council chose Bucky’s Food Pantry as the beneficiary of the funds raised at this year’s Charity Ball. The event took place on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016 at the Carnegie Hotel.

Bucky’s Food Pantry was begun in November of 2012 as a project created by an ETSU graduate student who saw a need among the student body for essential hygiene supplies and food. At the time of its inception, Bucky’s Food Pantry was just one of the two college student food pantries that existed in the state of Tennessee. Today, that number has risen to four, thus, the need for food and supplies among students has gained awareness over the past four years.

Bucky’s Food Pantry is completely student funded and treasurer Kristi Smith felt very honored when Bucky’s was chosen to be the beneficiary of the donations.

“When the Honor’s Council approach us about the Charity Ball, we felt severely blessed,” Smith said. “There is a definite need on this campus for everyday items that so many take for granted. We have students who must make decision between buying food or buying a textbook. The need is always there.”

Students who wish to receive supplies from Bucky’s can do so by stopping at their office and filling out a form. However, Smith also urges students to spread the word that Bucky’s will be moving into the warehouse next to Central Receiving and WTS during Christmas break. Smith stated that she is very excited for this move because their new location will allot for more storage space.

Thanks to the donations that were raised the night of the Charity Ball, Bucky’s Food Pantry will receive $3,000. The money raised that night will be used towards satisfing their food requests, “which have doubled this year.”

It is also important to note that Bucky’s Food Pantry is only open to students when the university is open. Thus, those in need are not able to use Bucky’s during the holiday break periods.

“Don’t be afraid or too proud because you are not alone; there is not just one group or student that is in need, the numbers are incredible,” Smith said, reaching out to students who may need Bucky’s assistance. “We are here for you.”

Bucky’s Food Pantry is always accepting donations both of food supplies and hygienic supplies. Please contact them if you or someone you know may be interested in donating or volunteering.