On Saturday, Nov. 12, the National Pan-Hellenic Council presented the 2016 step show competition. The sororities and fraternities that competed are Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha and Phi Beta Sigma.

A step show is a form of percussion dancing where the dancer’s body is used as an instrument with footsteps, hand claps and spoken words. Each organization told a different story with their routines, and they all practiced for hours and hours to get the routines perfect.

Phi Beta Sigma had a new member induction where the new member is introduced to the world by the fraternity. They introduced Blaine Smith. The performance was about superheroes, which went along with the homecoming theme — super homecoming.

Alpha Phi Alpha did a piece on racial equality and problems in society and had a very powerful message with their piece.

Alpha Kappa Alpha told the story of their sorority and how people in our community need to wake up and realize the issues we have in our society.

“We find ourselves caring about superficial things while choosing to ignore what really matters like people losing their lives over miscommunication — the segregation that is slowly moving it’s way back into society.” said Carolyn Hinch, chapter president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Alpha Kappa Alpha got first place, Phi Beta Sigma got second and Alpha Phi Alpha got third. The crowd had a wonderful time dancing between each performance and seeing some of the other NPHC sororities and fraternities who did not compete get up on stage and step in between performances.

This event was a fun and interesting way to get the student body thinking about the problems that plague society and to help open their eyes to problems going on around the world and even around ETSU. Every organization did an amazing job preforming and should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished.