On Tuesday, the Student Government Association decided how to handle the final $8,988 in the Buc Fund account.

“At the meeting, we had to try to distribute [the money] as equally and fairly as we thought possible,” said Sen. Annie Malcolm.

The Preview and Orientation Leader Organization requested $2,000 for their Southern Regional Orientation and received $1,470 from the Buc Fund account.

“We thought that this was a good thing to fund, because POLO directly impacts the majority of students every semester through orientation and preview,” Malcolm said. “Due to our limited funding, we weren’t able to give them the full amount, but wanted to cover part of their board and registration fee.”

Alpha Kappa Alpha received $1,380 for their regional conference and Zeta Phi Beta received $1,100 for their Southern Central Regional Leadership Conference. Lucille Clement Hall received $450 for an event that will encourage students to stay on campus while giving alternatives to “thirsty Thursdays.”

The SORC requested $15,000 for LeaderShape, which is an annual, student leadership retreat held every May.

“This is more than we even have in our account right now so, unfortunately, we recommended that we not fund anything, because anything that we give them would not make a significant impact,” Malcolm said.

SGA also recommended no money for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers conference and the Society of Physics Students Conference because neither benefit a significant part of campus.

International Student Organization received $4,500 for the Corazon Latino festival in downtown Johnson City, which is considered an on-campus event since it is within 10 miles of campus.

SGA is hoping to get some more money added to the Buc Fund this semester.

“The ETSUCon, the ETSU Comic Con event, we gave them $12,500 for their event,” said SGA advisor Jeff Howard. “In the past years, they have generated more money than we have given them and they have returned that money to us. It doesn’t always get to us in time however … we’re hoping that that money will be back in our account by the third funding session. We also have a little bit of money returning to us, I think it’s around $800, from the Quidditch Club.”

After distributing the money in the Buc Fund, $88.88 remains in the account for the rest of the semester.