The weather is attacking everyone’s wardrobe with its back and forth, but there is one item popular in both spring and winter: the jumpsuit.

This product is versatile because when purchasing the right one, it can serve its wearer for many seasons as opposed to just one.

When looking to buy the jumpsuit, look into one that is either short-sleeves or sleeveless. This will serve better when trying to pair it with a sweater in the colder weather, but also appropriate from the 70-degree spring weather.

For women on the shorter side, look for the jumpsuit that has a flared leg rather than a skinny leg. If the leg is too long, the flared pant allows for an easy hemming fix.

For women on the taller side, the skinny leg is popular because a wedge or tall bootie is not necessary to complete the look like with flare.

The skinny-leg jumpsuit is best paired with a slip-on tennis shoe or sandals if the weather calls for it.

A flare-leg jumpsuit is complimented with a taller shoe, to make the leg look longer and slimmer, especially if a sweater is worn over the jumpsuit itself.

Generally, looking for a jumpsuit in a neutral color is advised because that can be worn with many sweaters and many different pairs of shoes. However, a basic blue is also worthy for spring and winter and can be dressed warmly if needed.

While one jumpsuit can go a long way, if this is an item you love on your body try picking out jumpsuits for elegant occasions, such as a wedding or a banquet dinner, rather than a dress.

Sweater or not, warm or not, this is a go-to item that is comfortable, easy and affordable.

Fashion Beats is a fashion column by Kathryn Norungolo, a general-assignment reporter at the East Tennessean. Norungolo is majoring in journalism and minoring in merchandising at ETSU.