Disney has taken their magic beyond the realm of animation. In their newest live action premiere of “Beauty and the Beast,” their mix between the original movie and new components created a truly magical experience.

The first live action Disney movie “Cinderella” premiered in 2015, but “Beauty and the Beast” most certainly went above and beyond “Cinderella.” With new songs and the beautiful display of color and flying objects, “Beauty and the Beast” captured the life of the French village and the beast’s castle.

“Beauty and the Beast” did a remarkable job in redoing the original songs from the animation, such as “Belle,” “Be Our Guest,” and everyone’s favorite “Beauty and the Beast.” The actors in this film aren’t necessarily singers, but they brought a livelier expression to their songs and their characters.

The beauty and color of the scenes never ceased to amaze me. The intricate choreography in the original songs brought me back to my childhood as I knew all of the words when Gaston pranced around the inn in his song “Gaston” and as the flying dishes and plates served Belle in “Be Our Guest.”

They did have new songs introduced though. These songs gave more insight into the thoughts of the protagonists. The beast has a song called “Evermore” that describes his doubts and fears in his love for Belle.

The writers also included more backstory to the lives of the beast and Belle’s family, her mother especially. It also reveals more about Gaston’s character and who he was before he came to the village. These bits are small, but it helps explain the darker themes Disney animation can’t reveal in their kid-friendly films.

More than expected, though, is the introduction of LeFou as a homosexual man in love with Gaston, which honestly makes complete sense. The controversy at the introduction of his character’s depiction completely misses the point of “Beauty and the Beast.” The play on interracial relationships in the cast further expresses the film’s overall theme. If “Beauty and the Beast” is about anything, it is that love goes beyond someone’s appearance.

The embodiment of this film not only made me laugh, cry, and sit on the edge of my seat with absolute excitement, but it melted in my heart in every way possible. As someone who is in love with Disney films, I can promise “Beauty and the Beast” lives up to everything our generation wishes to see.