In year three under Head Coach Carl Torbush, the East Tennessee State University football team looks to have its first winning season.

Now that players have had time to mature mentally and physically, the Bucs are poised to see how this upcoming season can be different.

Improvement will need to start at the quarterback position where the Bucs had early success in the beginning of the season.

However, production dropped near the end causing the Bucs offense to struggle running the football.

The offense will continue to be fast paced to keep opposing defenses from being able to sub.

Redshirt quarterback Dylan Wieger (Kingsport, Tenn.) made a strong case to be the team’s starting quarterback as a true freshman last spring and showed way again in this year’s spring game.

Wieger is a very mobile quarterback able to extend plays with his legs. Not only that, he is not afraid to take shots down the field.

Austin Henrick (Cleveland, Tenn.) started all 11 games last season. Despite having a 60 percent completion percentage, he struggled to throw touchdowns. In all 11 games, he only accounted for seven passing touchdowns.

Coming into next season the Bucs will need to be better on the offensive line to allow the Bucs running backs more opportunities for big yardage.

Last season the running game of the Bucs only averaged 3.5 yards per carry.

The running game only accounted for 11 touchdowns for the Bucs. As an offense, the team must also improve on third downs.

Torbush will definitely need his defense to tighten up in games when the offense is struggling. The defense allowed 28 points per game just a season ago. But with players now more used to the game, the team expects improvement going forward.

The offense is a factor as to why the defense struggles to give up plays.

Because the offense has so many quick three and out possessions, the defense was left stuck on the field a majority of the game.

With the home stadium expected to be ready in September, the Bucs look to continue to build on improving both sides of the ball.