ETSU’s Board of Trustees approved the university’s capital project budget and naming of the new arts center in its third quarterly meeting on Thursday, Sept. 8.

One of the first items on Thursday’s agenda was to approve the capital project budget. Highlighting the budget, which was presented by Jeremy Ross, Chief Operating Officer, involved plans to build a humanities building on campus.

The building would serve as the primary building for general education classes, as well as all courses in the humanities. President Brian Noland, in his report toward the end of the meeting, mentioned that although the budget was approved, it can be a long process before the building is officially on campus.

“Just because we presented the idea today, doesn’t mean it will pop out of the ground tomorrow… It may be decades before we see the humanities building,” Noland said.

The board also approved naming the arts center the James C. and Mary B. Martin Center for the Arts. The university broke ground to begin construction on the building the same day of the meeting.

Next on the agenda was recapping the university’s marketing campaign. Director of Marketing and Special Events Jennifer Clements presented a great overview of ETSU’s marketing campaign for the school year that launched in August.

After every department in attendance gave their report, the meeting adjourned after Noland gave his report, and Special Assistant to the President Mary Jordan and Outgoing Athletics Director Richard Sander were extended the board’s appreciation for everything they have done for the university.

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the university that was implemented earlier this year, after the university officially broke away from the Tennessee Board of Regents.

The board is made up of 10 members: Janet Ayers, Steven DeCarlo, Dorothy Grisham, Dr. Linda Latimer, Ron Ramsey, David Golden, Scott Niswonger, and Jim Powell are the eight members appointed by Gov. Bill Haslam. Fred Alsop is serving as ETSU’s faculty representative, and Nathan Farnor is serving as student representative.

Board meetings consist of multiple departments of the university giving reports to the board, and some asking for funding.

The meeting’s full agenda, minutes, and calendar can be viewed at The meeting in its entirety can also be viewed at the website.

The next meeting will be Nov. 9 at 1 p.m.