Most American millennials began with Netflix as a movie delivery system, but now we have the wonderfully magical world of the Internet that allows us to stream our entertainment.

Today, we have many platforms that allow us to watch whatever we want, whenever we want, on whichever wireless or corded device we want to watch it. Netflix started decades ago, but became a streaming platform just 10 years ago. We all got used to it, and the sexy slang “Netflix and Chill” was born.

A year later, a little company called Hulu noticed that Netflix’s creators had a good idea and wanted in on it. So, they created a competing network that provided shows sometimes as early as a day after they aired on cable television.

But out of all this competition, yet another company added the option of streaming – Amazon. See, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get to watch shows and movies for free on Amazon Prime Video!

Now Disney is making their move. Disney will no longer be available on Netflix and will be moved to a separate streaming channel owned and run by Disney, adding to the conglomerate of money-making outlets they have now.

Other platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll and HBO Now are based on subscription too and high in ranking for shows, so it just depends on your taste and what you’re searching for.

However, with all of these apps and despite how affordable they are, they’re all just another thing we all have to budget for. They’re becoming what’s necessary, what’s the best, versus what we want. While Netflix has plenty of the movies and their Netflix original shows, Netflix seems to be losing its spark. Many of the shows are geared towards children rather than adults.

Instead, Hulu is providing adults with less movies but top-pick shows, such as “Bob’s Burgers,” and nostalgic shows like “The Powerpuff Girls (Classic)” and “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” both of which were removed from Netflix this year.

Now that Netflix isn’t the only site available, Netflix is beginning to lose its popularity. Although Netflix remains the top streaming site in the United States, it’s curious to see where they’ll be in the next decade, when streaming becomes the primary viewing source for television and Netflix isn’t the only site on the market.