If you asked students why they decided to come to college, you’d more than likely get a wide array of answers. Some may say that they wanted to continue their education, and others may say they wanted to experience everything that college has to offer.

Of the many opportunities that college has, one of the most interesting is the Resident Advisor or RA position. Most students may have heard of what a Resident Advisor is, but they may not know the benefits of being one.  

For those interested in reaching out for the opportunity of being an RA, there is a certain process that needs to be followed. First, there are two sets of interviews. One is a smaller, more personal interview. The next, is a group interview with other applicants. These two interviews are done over the span of a weekend.

Megan Gauck, who has been the Honors Living-Learning Community RA for Centennial Hall for two years, explained one of her favorite parts about the application process is called the RA Showcase. 

During this, current staff members get to talk about their roles and experiences with the RA position and offer advice to the potential candidates,” said Gauck. “Potential candidates are free to ask as many questions as possible to see if working as an RA is what they want to do.”  

Gauck also addressed the fears of those applicants who may be a little worried about all of the different aspects of the application process by saying that applicants are reviewed holistically.”

Gauck also discussed some of the benefits of being a RA. She eluded to certain areas of her life where being a RA has helped her. 

One major benefit is learning how to manage time,” Gauck said. Between putting on programs, dealing with residents, and working duty nights, its easy to get bogged down if you dont have a strict schedule.” 

For most college students learning how to manage time is a critical skill and being a Resident Advisor is one way polish that skill. Another unlikely benefit is the many close friendships made along the way. 

The relationships Ive forged with many of my coworkers through the years have been some of the strongest friendships. Its definitely a major benefit that I didnt anticipate,” Gauck said.   

If you are looking for a way to achieve many different skills and the opportunity to make lasting friendships along the way, the Resident Advisor Program may be a fantastic opportunity for just that.

To start an application, visit the Housing and Resident Life website and follow the instructions to begin.