Earlier this week, an email was sent out by ETSU on a threat made toward the K-12 University School located on ETSU’s campus.

While the email stated investigations revealed there was no credible threat, ETSU University Relations Director of Communications Kristen Swing made it clear the university wanted to keep everyone informed of what happened.

“We wanted to communicate with the parents of the University School and the community at large,” Swing said.

In a release, ETSU stated they learned through social media that a potential threat was made toward the University School. The individuals who allegedly made the threat have been questioned.

ETSU Public Safety and the Johnson City Police Department worked together to determine the threat was not credible.

All safety protocols were followed regarding the incident, but officials stated there is no need for further action at this time.

Swing said the threat was another gun-related threat.

Just last month, a gun threat was reported on ETSU campus at the Mini-Dome during a homecoming comedy show event. The Mini-Dome was immediately evacuated, but investigators have not released any new information on suspects or cause.

Though the University School threat happened on ETSU campus, the threat was not made to ETSU or by any ETSU students but remained solely on the high school level.

“Multiple police departments were involved,” Swing said. “It became an immediate investigation looking into who made the threat.”

Swing said several individuals were questioned, though no names were released or their roles in the threat.

Swing said the Johnson City Police Department primarily handled the investigation, and that as far as the university understands, the investigation has concluded.