When is the last time you took a moment to rest? I am not talking about sleeping at night, taking naps or simply lying down for a while to play on your phone; I mean the type of rest that satisfies and barely anyone has “time for.”

Because of the reality we all now inhabit, stopping to think and be still in thought is one of the best things you can do for your mental, physical and social health. What would happen if you took some time to simply contemplate your surroundings and avoid all the distractions of the world?

Around campus, I notice a considerable number of students and faculty using earbuds during their walk between various activities. While listening to music is a healthy and reassuring action, it can lead to an individual being completely self-unaware and avoid any kind of outside stimulation involving one’s surroundings. Many times, people are not even aware of the atmosphere they pass from day to day. Personally, I have the tendency to constantly look at the ground while I walk from class to class, and this overall is displeasing to my brain.

There are many ways to take a break from our myopic society, including taking time to observe nature, meditate or sit still without any distraction and seeing where the mind takes a person. Even using a small amount of time per week to engage in one of these activities could have a profound result on your health. Frequently, studies show that individuals who take time out of their week to feel unconnected from constant distraction are more likely to experience less stress and increased productiveness.

Listening and taking time to rest may seem like a huge burden to many, but studies show that it produces a feeling of comfort vastly incomparable to watching TV or using a phone for an extended period. If you feel a great weight on your shoulders to constantly know what is going on and feel connected, it might be time to pause and evaluate how you have been living. Listening to the world around you and your own thoughts is an experience humanity needs to learn to value.