On Thursday, Nov. 16 ETSU’s Wind Ensemble “A” and Wind Ensemble “B” performed back to back in the Culp Auditorium in a show entitled “Parallels: Showcases.”

The show, which was arranged and conducted by Dr. Christian Zembower, was true to its name in both ensembles that performed parallel pieces fitting into the same category. For example, Ensemble “B” opened the first half of the performance with a fanfare entitled “Cenotaph” and after the intermission, Ensemble “A” opened their performance with a fanfare as well, entitled “Gavorkna Fanfare.”

Zembower came up with the idea for the theme of the performance over the summer as he thought about how to create a show that would highlight both ensembles.

“Our theme is obviously ‘parallels’ and I came up with this idea since we have two ensembles I wanted them to play parallel songs,” said Zembower.

The other parallel songs included but were not limited to patriotic ballads, marches and even a soloist showcase. During Ensemble “B’s” soloist showcase, ETSU Cory Seguin took the stage.

“Cory is a senior music education major and a very talented musician,” said Zembower. “He approached me earlier this year and asked if he could do a clarinet solo, and I had already heard him perform this piece before, so it worked out perfectly.”

Psychology major Jonah DeVaney really enjoyed being a member of the audience during the performance.

“The performance was spectacular and even as a non-musician I was still able to appreciate the incredible talent that the students displayed,” said DeVaney. 

For DeVaney the highlight of the performance was when ETSU Professor of Percussion Dr. Rande Sanderbeck took the stage as the soloist for the Ensemble “A” soloist showcase.

“My favorite part had to have been Dr. Sanderbeck’s drum performance late in the show,” said DeVaney. “I have never seen a professor with that much talent and enthusiasm.”

Sanderbeck’s drum solo received a standing ovation and was also a highlight for the members of the Ensemble. John Sterrett, a nutrition major and member of Ensemble “A,” was thrilled to perform alongside Dr. Sanderbeck.

“It’s not every day that you get to play with that caliber of musician,” said Sterrett. “And it’s always nice to have a quality group to make music with even though I’m not a music major.”