On Saturday evening, the ETSU campus was illuminated by an annual fall performance presented by ETSU’s premier ensemble Greyscale. The event was open to the public and held in the Martha Street Culp Auditorium.

“This year I chose the title ‘Luminosity’ to represent the brightness of the singers, the ensemble and the music performed,” said Greyscale director, Alan Stevens.

Between their fancy footwork, comedic transitions and melodic voices, the 12 members of Greyscale really represented the purpose of “Luminosity.” Individual members were highlighted with solos that fit their personalities, and the ensemble shined the brightest during group performances, which included a rendition of the Beatles “Come Together” and Jake Runestad’s “Nyon Nyon.” The group dynamic during these songs had audience members on the edge of their seats.

“I loved when they performed Nyon Nyon,” said audience member Kiara Small. “This is my first time watching Greyscale, and I wasn’t disappointed because they made it a lot of fun for everyone.”

Each singer had a role during the performance. Greyscale member Kaitlyn Hopkins arranged several of the songs, performed her first solo and amazed the audience with her beat-boxing skills.

“I beat-box for the group, but my favorite moments were singing,” said Hopkins. “I had my first solo tonight during ‘The Chain’ and that was my favorite. I finally got to sing and let my singing voice actually be heard.”

Halfway through the night, the audience was surprised when the singers added a touch of color to their Greyscale performance. The stage was overtaken by light sabers and subtle but colorful costume changes, adding to the singers’ characters. Audiences were surprised once again when Greyscale alumni joined current members on stage during the last song, “Dynamite” arranged by Alex Phan.

Stevens, Hopkins and Small, all found “Luminosity” to be a great success.

If you happened to miss Greyscale’s spectacular “Luminosity” performance, you can join them for the BucAppella festival March 23-24 in Martha Street Culp Auditorium or download their albums Greyscale and Spectrum on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.