On Friday evening, pianist Cheng-Feng Hsieh performed a selection of classical music in Ball Hall Auditorium.

The auditorium was filled with a moderate crowd with the lights focused on the piano in the center stage. Cheng-Feng Hsieh played a selection of classical pieces ranging from Bach to Chopin.

“I came just because I’m a piano major,” audience member Heidi Whaley said. “I like how complex it is. My favorite piece was the Brahms piece, that was the last piece before the intermission and I just really liked it because Brahms is one of my favorite composers.”

The piece Hsieh played by Brahms was called Intermezzi in B flat Minor Op. 117 No. 2. The piece started out slow with the notes being played on the bass side of the piano. As the tempo of the song picked up, the notes became more powerful and low. Hsieh played other pieces by J.S. Bach and Beethoven. Both pieces had a variety of different notes and tempos throughout the songs, which kept the audience listening the entire time. The audience ranged from classical music lovers to students who work within the music department at ETSU.

“We have to work the show,” said audience member Jacob Perhne. “We’re music education students so it’s for our scholarships. I like the intensity and style of the classical piano.”

Hsieh ended the concert by playing the 24 Preludes by Chopin. The 24 Preludes had a different variety of piano tunes with some of the songs being played in a slow tempo with soft notes, and other’s being played in a fast tempo with the notes spanning across the entire keyboard.

Hsieh performed the selection of classical pieces with passion, confidence and concentration, drawing the audience in and keeping them focused on the music throughout the concert.

I personally probably enjoyed the sixth out of the 24 preludes,” Perhne said. “Beautiful chord progressions.”