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The cool rains made for the perfect night to become lost in the art of music; that is, if one were looking for something completely unique.

On Jan. 27 at 7:30 p.m., the Samadhi Healing Arts Center provided a wonderful venue for the talented musical group Dada Cabaret.

“Dada Cabaret” is a handful of talented performers; each sporting a unique collection of instruments.

You don’t usually expect a band to consist of just an oboe, a tuba, a piano, some inspiring vocalist and a read aloud narrative, but this unique combination, paired with genuine talent, allows them to create an artistic twist on classical repertoire.

These performers have obviously honed their craft and placed an avant garde spin on traditional musical groups.

It is not often that a story is spoken in tandem with an excellent array of music. These artists, much like their name sake, surely represent the work of Dadaism.

On Saturday, Dada Cabaret performed “Critical Mass.” “Critical Mass” tells the story of Margery, a teacher trying to remain sane as she is forced to live in a fallout shelter after a nuclear attack.

Margery’s struggle is depicted through intense poetic narrative.

As the speaker takes the role of Margery, she literally leaves audience members feeling as if they had just simply watched a great film.

The show even incorporated elements of humor and good adult fun.

Between the folds of the story, Dada Cabaret played 6 great pieces of music. The group played songs such as Duncan Sheik’s “Agony” and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

The skill of the artists left the audience ecstatic and trying to calm their goose bumps.

ETSU students and good friends Rachel Harris and Katelynn Irwin both shared their thoughts on the performance.
Rachel Harris, a seasoned “Dada Cabaret” audience member said, “I absolutely loved it,” and “I was so excited; you never know what to expect.”

“Critical Mass” was the first Dada Cabaret experience for Katelynn Irwin.

“It was good,” said Irwin when asked what she expected from the event. “I had no idea honestly.”

Both students clearly enjoyed the artful performance.

“Critical Mass” was definitely a hit among the audience members that Saturday. The performance left the audience excited for the next story and musical spin from “Dada Cabaret.” Meanwhile ETSU students alike will be waiting to pounce at the next word from Dada Cabaret.