ETSU students gathered together by the Culp Ballroom Center this past Tuesday and Wednesday to audition for the upcoming talent show. The auditions went well because everyone gave their best performance.

ETSU Freshman Alexander Jatto’s talent is singing, but he auditioned with a spoken word piece. For the last three years he has been performing spoken word pieces. Jatto’s singing journey began when he was a child.

“This is my first year on campus and I thought I would get involved on campus in different ways, and using my voice was a good way for me to get involved on things on campus. I found this as a great opportunity to do that,” said Jatto.

Last summer he joined a spoken word team and competed at the Breaking Voices spoken word competition. They competed with teams from all around the world and placed 12th. This is his first talent show since third or fourth grade, and he believes that this talent show will be interesting and fun.

ETSU Junior Terriney Gibson did a collaboration with Bradley Ferguson and performed an original song entitled ‘I Want You.’ The pair sang together and Gibson also performed a rap verse.
“I’m auditioning just for the fun of it. I’m in my junior year and have never done a talent show since I’ve been at ETSU so I’m just getting my talent out there,” said Gibson.
All her life she has possessed the talent of singing. She mainly does spoken word poetry and has won multiple awards for her pieces.

She believes that the talent show is going to be amazing because it’s a chance to see all the talented individuals do their thing.