A valuable practice gradually becoming more extinct to mankind is communicating with letters, notecards or other materials, and I find that this neglect is leading to a loss of a vital means of communication. Nowadays, people are more inclined to send almost all written messages via a cell phone typing long blocks of text at times to help, hurt, inform or simply catch up with people.

Writing on a notecard or letter with the purpose of expressing one’s thoughts to someone has been a vital means of communication for thousands of years. At times, people would have to wait weeks on end to receive an expected letter or note. Modernly, can you imagine waiting weeks at a time for virtually anything?

It seems as if almost all things are being brought to the tips of our fingers in this growing age of technology, and I find that people are greatly losing their patience and ability to understand what is immediate is not necessarily the best choice. Letter and note writing allows a person a way to express oneself in a greater way than simply through a text from a cell phone.

Inherently, whether we desire to admit it or not, our advanced technology is a gigantic distraction in our lives, and even with sending a lengthy text, we are simultaneously being bombarded by other notifications and message causing us to lose an essence of what it means to sit down and write one’s feelings with a clear mind.

There is something extremely gratifying and wholesome about expressing thoughts on a piece of paper rather than through a phone. For starters, the person receiving the letter will be able to hold onto it and easily go back to reread it as many times as they desire. This is almost impossible to do over a phone. Additionally, people regard letters as taking up more time than simply sending a text, so it is a great way of showing that you care and are willing to put in extra time for someone.

From personal experience, I find that composing a letter goes a long way in establishing a connection with an individual and bringing that relationship closer together. The practice of writing letters may seem archaic, but it definitely has its benefits.