Conspiracy theories are fun, but are they real, and more importantly, do they matter? I suppose the wildest conspiracy theories of murder by the hands of the government would certainly be a turn of events for the American people, but at this point, would anything the government reveals surprise us anymore?

In light of the events that have taken place in the White House this past year, there has been a divisive break between Democrats and Republicans, or the liberals and the conservatives. So how does the government feel about the anarchy ensuing the nation’s polarized state?

There’s a rumor flying around that the government is influencing media on what to cover in order to fulfill their own secret agenda. With two mass shootings in just the past five months, the country has taken great strides for gun reform and social activism.

If these gun reform movements succeed in removing military grade assault weapons from the people, civilians will no longer have the ammunition they need to protect themselves against a bigger enemy, such as the American government.

In essence, the United States will no longer have the means to begin another civil war.

What does this mean? Well to Republicans, it means our freedom and right to bear arms will be stripped, and the nation will fall to the hands of the corrupt government (despite their unwavering loyalty and trust in President Donald Trump). To the Democrats, well it means civilians are safer from the hands of other civilians.

The best democracy has to offer is a way of peace. If the only reason civilians should keep their military assault weapons is to combat the evil forces of the government, to be frank, there’s not enough artillery in the United States to defend us against the American military, not when there’s a few nukes lying around and tanks tucked away for war.

Again, conspiracy theories are fun, but they are by no means an excuse when criminally unstable civilians have an easy opportunity to purchase the next weapon that destroys another family and end more lives.

OK, fine, what about collector’s items? What about hunting?

Just like conspiracy theories, both collector’s items and hunting are great past times, but do these hobbies defend the right to purchase and carry these firearms, knowing these items are, can, and will be used to cause mass casualties?

Well, criminals won’t stop killing because it’s illegal. Criminals will find these guns on the black market. It won’t solve the problem.

Sure, yeah, but finding the black market is a lot harder to find than the nearest gun shop. If you consider your local marijuana dealers the black market, then there’s plenty of perspective to be had. Try searching for something massively illegal like child pornography. Your computer will be immediately flagged, and local law enforcement will be breaking down your door in a minute.

And lastly, if this is a battle of mental stability, and if those protecting “gun rights” can call attention to the “people problem,” mental illnesses reside in a number of people, not just mass murderers. I’d say those placing their selfish wants over the lives of others is fair cause to evaluate them for psychosis.