Visit “Candy Land” at ETSU for an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others.

On March 24, there will be a fundraiser for ETSU’s chapter of Timmy Global Health entitled, “A Family Dance in Candy Land.” The proceeds from this event will go towards medical care expenses for ETSU’s chapter of Timmy Global Health.

From 7-9 p.m., adults and children of ETSU students as well as the general public are invited to ETSU’s Culp ballroom for, “Games, a great playlist, food, candy (of course) and a really great time,” as stated by Brittney Stubbs, president of ETSU’s Timmy Global Health (TGH) chapter.

Stubbs is a pre-med student currently in her junior year at ETSU. She has been involved with Timmy Global Health since her freshman year. “After the first year, I ran for president and got the position…I went on our first group brigade for ETSU that summer, June 2017,” said Stubbs.

To put it simply, TGH brings healthcare to communities that are in need. And, as a matter of fact, serving individuals in need, or rather, rendering free and accessible global health care is no small feat.

According to, the organization “was founded in 1997 by Dr. Charles (Chuck) Dietzen, a pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist…to serve more communities by engaging the next generation of healthcare leaders.” After working in health care all around the world, and working with Mother Theresa, “Dr. Chuck” founded Timmy Global Health. The name Timmy was the name of Dr. Chuck’s brother, “who passed away in his infancy.”

According to Stubbs, each chapter is assigned a “partner” location.

“Our partner is Guangaje, Ecuador. We [ETSU’s chapter] spend the semester raising money and doing awareness and advocacy for health and for that area. We send students, physicians and health care providers to [Guangaje] every June. When we’re there, we do medical clinics in different areas Monday through Friday. When we’re not there, the money will go towards providing special referrals…surgeries and additional care,” said Stubbs.

On behalf of ETSU’s TGH chapter, Stubbs made sure to emphasize that TGH provides not just initial medical care but ongoing care to individuals. ETSU’s chapter will be returning to the same area as last year this June.

“Guangaje is very spread out…each day we would set up at a different community, usually at schools. We would average 100 patients a day…It’s a similar concept to RAM [Remote Area Medical] clinics. Guangaje is in the Andes Mountains, at 12,000 feet,” said Stubbs.

This weekend, enjoy a night out with friends, the kids, or just drop by the Culp to support Timmy Global Health: Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids. For groups of 5 or more, tickets are $35.

Additionally, if you are interested in assisting in any way TGH, please contact Brittney Stubbs at