If you were looking forward to Bucstock or any of the other spring events on campus, you may want to find other activities to get you through the end of the semester. Buctainment has pulled all but one event from the activities lineup.

On March 19, ETSU’s student organization for events announced that the rest of the spring semester events are cancelled except for the Silent Disco on April 21. The cancellations came out of necessity, according to Buctainment President Courtney Fitzstevens.

“We noticed that the semester was coming to a close, and we asked ourselves, ‘Would it be better to have these events at the end of the semester when everyone was stressed out, trying to study and get their stuff done for the end of the semester?” Fitzstevens said. “‘Or would it be better to have it toward the beginning of next semester when everyone’s having a good time and there’s no stress?’”

Buctainment decided to cancel the last events, including Friday night movies, a comedian, a concert, Bucstock and the indoor carnival.

The indoor carnival and comedian are rescheduled for the fall semester, but Bucstock will not be reschedule. It will take place in the spring 2019 semester. Fitzstevens said Buctainment hopes this will hype up Bucstock more as it has been losing attendance in recent years.

“Even though we did cancel, it’s not like there’s nothing to do on campus,” she said. “We have so many organizations that have things going on.”

Though the final spring events were cancelled, Fitzstevens said it does not count as a failure for Buctainment.

“Between fall and spring semester of this year, we had more events than we’ve had in the past,” Fitzstevens said. “We figured it would be best if we just cancelled and let everybody take a break and focus on their school work.”