Junior Hee Ying Loy is from Johor, Malaysia, where she started golfing when she was 9-years-old. It started with just a bet with her father, which led to her ultimately getting her own pair of golf clubs and a golf coach.

“I think ETSU is amazing. It’s probably the best decision I have made to come to college golf,” said Ying-Loy. “I have grown a lot from golf and being away from [home] I have matured a lot.”

As just a freshman, Ying-Loy showed a lot of promise as she finished with the best average score for the Bucs, averaging 73.77. During the same year, she had five top 10 finishes. In the 3M Augusta Invitational, she tied for 2nd place which showed just how much she improved throughout the season. She tied for 8th in the SoCon Women’s Championship.

Ying-Loy’s sophomore year showed she was the best golfer in the conference, averaging a score of 72.11. She had eight top 10 finishes, winning two tournaments that season. In the SoCon Championship, she finished tied for 4th. In just her sophomore year, she was named Player of the Year of the Southern Conference.

“It is an amazing feeling when you have Furman who is top 10 in the country and to be able to get that honor is pretty amazing,” said Ying-Loy.

This season as a junior, Ying-Loy already has five top 10 finishes and is currently shooting her lowest score of golf at 71.86. Recently, Ying-Loy was named the Player of the Week in the SoCon for the fourth time in her career.

“I think my season could be better but it is not too bad,” said Ying-Loy. “I am still hanging in and still have a try for a regional. There’s still parts of my game that I can tweak; hopefully I can get it done this weekend.”

The Bucs are heading into the conference tournament where Ying-Loy has a good chance to win it all if everything goes as planned.

“Hopefully my game will pick up a little better than it has throughout this season,” said Ying-Loy.

Ying-Loy plans to play professional golf after graduating from ETSU with a degree in accounting.