Captivating the minds of millions of people across the world, Fortnite, a game designed around survival, building and shooting skills is continually growing and spreading to thousands of new people daily.

Due to the game’s availability for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS and even mobile devices, the game continues to break records and revitalize the way many people view video games in general. The game is quite addictive due to Epic Games, the company producing Fortnite, pulling and being inspired by a wide range of the most popular games of today, and thus implementing many of these features into the gameplay of this paradigm breaking work of art.

Now, many people are wondering why this game is so addictive and reaching such a diverse group of individuals across a good number of devices. The game was released in late July 2017. It was apparent early on that Epic Games truly created something special. By extracting the most sought after features in games today, such as building from Minecraft, competitive, battle-royal shooting mechanics and adaptability and randomly generated items, almost every game leads to a different and exciting experience for its players.

Fortnite fuels the competitive urge of people to keep joining game after game (at times way longer than expected) because of the length of matches being at times quite short.

Everything about the game yields to all ages and its interface is quite accessible to engage with and understand. Personally, I find the game not to be too graphic nor violent, hence leading to a much younger audience traditionally for this genre of video games. Nonetheless, this does not stop young adults or older individuals from being attracted to the promise that this game offers.

Without surprise, many institutions and educational centers are having to take a stance on this addictive game as a result of kids and adults alike playing during times in which it is not acceptable whether it be during school or office hours.

To some, this may seem ridiculous, and a fad that will diminish quickly, but the way Epic Games is positively and continually responding to the increasing demand for more content from its fans is most definitely ensuring its longevity for a long time.

Personally, I do not see the craze for Fortnite dying out soon, but lasting for as long as the game is continually updated, as it has been, and modified to include more content. Pick up that tablet, phone, controller or keyboard and try this game. Those of you that have resisted for quite some time may find yourself engaged in a way you did not think possible in a video game.