In all aspects, art and creativity are not something that can be pinpointed or taught by a single individual who has achieved prowess in a particular art form.

For the longest time, I held the idea that if I simply had the chance to talk to those that I looked up to most, they could tell me exactly what I needed to hear with the result that I could do exactly what they did to achieve fame. However, this is not the case at all.

Of course, the way they come up with ideas, execute them and prosper in their work is important and amazing to hear, but art and artistic expression mean something different to every person.

When talking to someone you hold to a high standard, it is important to realize they will not be able to give you a broad scope of all the answers you need to succeed. Fortunately, they can function as a vessel to gain some insight into their personal methods for creating their own art.

An individual must find their own niche, perhaps through the guidance of someone more knowledgeable in a field or practice, and learn to express oneself through their own set of experiences rather than trying to assimilate all the aspects of an idol’s life into their own artwork.

Firstly, when creating art, one must discover two things: what the main interests or themes that keep coming back have in common and the way the artist will deliver this theme or personal discover through the art to the masses.

Indeed, it does not require any kind of higher knowledge. It simply requires introspective thinking and the desire to deliver.

When creating artwork whether it be visual, digital, literary, musical or in any other form, an idea must be conjured up not on what we understand, but by something we are confused on and have a lack of understanding.

Constructing a work is not meant to function through a perfectly linear structure in which we deliver exactly what we want in the perfect manner. It is supposed to be messy, unpolished and lacking certainties at times. This in itself is a beautiful thing.

We all must create art, not for solving an extensive problem, but instead, we as composers, inventors, artists and writers must show through our work the clear statement of a problem. Through the passion and beauty expressed through our own art, the consumer of the artist’s endeavor will decipher a meaning behind the question we pose.