We the people get options for campus entertainment.

During open forum of Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting, Assistant Director of Student Activities Carter Warden presented SGA with three lists for the fall SGA-sponsored entertainment.

“We have had a little more flexibility because of some of the changes [SGA has] made to the constitution,” Warden said. “That gives us the ability to perhaps snag the best deal that’s available per semester.”

SGA enacted legislation this year that allows students to choose from more than one genre of music. Two genre options allows the organizers to select an artist that is available, budget-friendly and most wanted on campus.

The fall and spring concert options are for pop and country music, but the artists presented and chosen by students are not necessarily who will be selected. The organizers have to check with the artists’ schedules and prices for performance.

“We think they’re available,” Warden said. “That always changes. Something can change between the time we vote and when we try to make an offer to the one who wins the poll.”

Among the artists on the list are Andy Grammer, DNCE, Charli XCX, Dustin Lynch, Scotty McCreery and Kacey Musgraves.

The third option is for comedy. This is a separate category from the concert, and it will also be voted on by students for potential future comedy shows. Tiffany Haddish, Michael Che and Colin Jost were three of the comedians on the ballot.

SGA is assigned to review the lists for any previous or potential issues the artists could have on college campuses, and students will have a chance to vote on the artists in two weeks.

SGA has one more meeting on April 24. At this time, the Senate will vote on newly presented legislation that includes a resolution for a student microwave in the parking garage C-store, pebble ice makers on campus, using less items that contain palm oil on campus, renovating the disc golf course and a new method for allocating BUC Fund money to out-of-country events.