ETSU graduation numbers continue a promising trend. Going into the final week of the semester, 1,576 undergraduate and 495 graduate students have been approved to graduate this spring 2018 semester.

The Spring 2018 numbers are in line with the general trend toward increasing graduation numbers.

Note that this positive swing is not a mere coincidence. Neither can it be attributed only to the general increase in enrollment at ETSU throughout the years. Faculty have made strides in encouraging students to complete their education.

“We have worked to review and improve our graduation processes, heavily focusing on our students’ needs as well as on communication and efficiency,” said Assistant Registrar for Graduation Jessica Miller. “Campaigns like 15 to Finish in conjunction with tools like Degree Works have been vitally instrumental in the success of these endeavors.”

The rise in graduation numbers also correlates with a growing rate of students who graduate within four years of entering ETSU as degree-seeking freshmen.

Throughout the past five years, the average credit load of undergraduate students has grown, resulting in an increased velocity toward degree completion. This can be at least partially attributed to the success of the 15 to Finish Initiative, a multi-state program encouraging students to take 15 credit hours per semester.

Additionally, the ACT scores and high school GPAs of the entering students continue to improve.

“I find it very encouraging to see so many students complete their requirements successfully!” Miller said. “After working in higher education for several years, I am still inspired by the determination and hard work put forth by students to further their education.

“Having the opportunity to work at the commencement ceremony is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I enjoy seeing students proudly celebrating their accomplishments with their classmates and guests.”