The Bucs have gotten off to the start they did not expect. However, due to the loss of star player Elenora Goldoni (Ferrara, Italy), the team has struggled offensively, losing three matches by a goal early in the season.

“It has been a tough loss but that’s why you have good players so that they can go represent [when] their national team is called up,” said head coach Adam Sayers.

The biggest surprise thus far this season has been the only win this season has come from not playing at home. The Bucs are currently 0-3 at home this season.

Coming off their road win against USC Upstate, the Bucs faced off against Charlotte with the goal being to keep improving and build on their win.

In the first half, the Bucs’ offense went scoreless with not many shots attempted at the goal. Charlotte’s defense had a lot to do with that as they forced the Bucs into tough positions. The first goal of the game came from Charlotte in the 36th minute to go, giving Charlotte the 1-0 lead going into the half.

Much like the first half, the Bucs’ offense was not able to get in a scoring position many times, and when they did, were not able to convert. Charlotte scored their second goal in the 45th minute, giving them a 2-0 lead. The final score of the game came from a penalty kick in the 84th minute to give Charlotte a 3-0 lead as they closed out to defeat the Bucs.

The loss drops the Bucs to a 1-5 record, with their next game being Thursday, Sept. 6, at home against ninth-ranked Tennessee. Game time is 7 p.m.

Senior goalkeeper Lea Ann Cutshall (Johnson City, Tennessee) moved into second all-time in saves for the Bucs after her four saves against Charlotte.

“There have been a lot of positives … some things have gone against us in a very marginal way,” said Sayers. “We have played well in every game. I am very happy with the players in terms of their effort and attitudes.”