America would not be what and where it is today without immigration and multiculturalism. Donald Trump has enacted stricter policies and rules regarding certain minority groups coming into the United States, and this way of thinking is against much of the early foundation of this country. In fact, American identity is defined by a slew of different groups and ideals. This country would not be here today without cultural exchange.

A huge part of Trump’s campaign that remains important to him and his supporters revolves around building a wall, stricter immigration laws and keeping dangerous individuals out of this country. Of course, to enact these policies, one must be inherently stricter on the larger group of immigrants who are not a threat. Trump and his supporters are preventing the potential of many immigrants who could bring positivity and growth through their different beliefs, customs, religions and culture.

There have been quite a few moments where this country has limited immigration rates. Many scholars, historians and politicians today are active in stating how this has prevented progress and prosperity, stagnating the country’s growth. When we have encouraged more immigration, the country experienced tremendous growth as a country economically and socially.

Consider what we eat at restaurants on every corner: Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, German, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and plenty of other cultures that have influenced just our food. Consider our religion: Christianity adopted from European immigrants and their breakaway from Great Britain to immigrate to the New World.

For many immigrants, America still is the New World, the land of the free to make the most of their opportunities of living a peaceful life and working hard to achieve happiness and prosperity.

It is impossible to escape the fact that we are not who we are without immigration. Society must accept the fact that it is, in part, hypocritical and a double standard to go against immigration. Unless you are 100 percent Native American, your family is not from here, meaning your family was once an immigrant family who finally placed their roots in this country. Wouldn’t you agree America has flourished since early immigration? The same improvements will continue to take place as more immigrants place their roots here as well.

American identity has been inherited around a realization that we made our way in this country, and all people deserve that opportunity. Multiculturalism is extremely important and a vital component in our identity. Americans need to be extremely careful in their mindset of limitation.