ETSU will host its 17th annual Hispanic Student Day event on Oct. 24.

Hispanic Student Day is an event in which ETSU Language and Culture Resource Center brings out Hispanic students from high schools and colleges spreading from Knoxville, Tennessee, to North Carolina. The purpose of the event is to bring in Hispanic students who might not be aware of the opportunities that are available to them that will allow them to further their education.

Traditionally, the event is known to host about 100 students annually. However, last year the event rose to 278 students. This year, almost 300 students have already registered to attend.

“Our goal is to educate Hispanic students on their access to higher education, which is a lot broader than they might realize,” Felipe Fiuza, LCRC Director and Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish, said.

He said for students whose parents or grandparents immigrated to America, it is more difficult for them to understand the American education system. They may not know all the opportunities that can await them after high school and beyond like other students do.

ETSU LCRC is not only responsible for the students at ETSU, but they are also very involved in the community. LCRC hosts ESL classes every week while working to educate parents around the region of the possibilities for their child’s higher education.

Since the event’s beginning in 2001, Hispanic Student Day has been completely run and organized by the students of LCRC at ETSU. This year, Public Health graduate student Rana Vakaria was also a big help in making sure the event happened.

The event will have representatives from ETSU’s admissions, financial aid and advisement as well as other universities that will give brief presentations as well as answer any questions the students may have afterwards. The students will also get to hear from a keynote speaker from the Hispanic community.

The event will be hosted in the ETSU Mini-Dome on Wednesday, and will last from 9:30 a.m.–2 p.m. Those registering are asked to arrive by 9:30 a.m. for the event.

For more information on the event, contact the LCRC at, or call 423-439-8342.