Feminism, at its core, is the belief that all genders should have equal rights. As millions of people continue to advocate for women’s rights all over the world, it is important for humanity to face the fact that feminism is entirely necessary. Additionally, women shouldn’t be the only ones advocating for their own rights. Men need to be standing up for these rights too. If anyone uses their platform to advocate for equality, we come closer to progress.

In 2016, women with full-time jobs still obtained about 77 percent of male’s earnings, and the rates and percentages for African-American and Latina women were even lower. Startlingly, over 60 million women around the world are denied education. A long list could be compiled of all rights that women are blatantly denied or limited in society. One quick internet search of “violence against women in other countries” pulls up several articles and news sources documenting the heinous crimes against women simply for their gender.

At the core of starting any kind of social change, communication is the first necessity and what can ultimately inspire political change. Just because you haven’t seen or experienced gender violence doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It’s important to educate ourselves on what feminism is and other specific programs national and international programs are getting involved.

Action should follow education. Being present at rallies are a great start for understanding and participating in the feminist movement, but it’s not supposed to stop here. Attendance is great, but it’s action that speaks for itself.

In fact, a great start for men to check themselves is to stop using negative jokes regarding a woman’s sexuality, image or freedom. They’re sexist, even if they’re not violent, and they affect women’s self-respect as well as other men’s mindset of women. Sexist statements among men are what can be considered microaggressions in the face of gender violence. It’s the little things that lead up to gender violence. It all begins in the head.

Indeed, standing up and spreading the reality of gender inequality does not have to be a grand gesture. It can be a mindset that speaks bounds in a simple setting: A classroom, a home, a meeting.

Feminism should result from a mindset that all people deserve equality, regarding others as equals and supporting those who experience gender violence.

Men need to be constantly evaluating themselves and communicating with others the importance of feminism. Desiring to achieve equality for women, men need to be communicating feminism just as much as women and helping change the injustice between genders.