Following this year’s theme of “Reimagining the Classics,” ETSU’s Department of Theatre and Dance produced their take on Ken Ludwig’s “Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery,” through the weekend.

ETSU professor and avid Holmes fan Bobby Funk directed the play. Funk spoke about his time preparing for the show.

“It’s not your typical Sherlock Holmes story,” Funk said. “It’s a comedy, so it’s got a lot of craziness in it.”

Funk threw his own spin on the production in several places, including the scenery and the characters.

“There are a lot of two-dimensional pieces that just come in and out that represent whole locations, and I think that is pretty unique as far as our production,” Funk said. “It also makes it a lot of fun. Holmes and Watson are played by the same people all the way through, then there are three other actors who play, at a minimum, nine characters. That’s part of the fun of the show – that they go offstage and walk right back out as a whole new person.”

Funk’s creative insight and his cast of amazingly talented actors created an adaptation of the classic story that audience members are not soon to forget. ETSU student Charles Clark took on Holmes’ mantel, capturing the famous detective’s careful, calculated demeanor while also allowing for a great deal of laughter throughout.

Theatre major Luke Walker embodied Holmes’ endlessly loyal companion, Doctor John Watson. Walker’s performance was nothing less than phenomenal. His lines and monologues were some of the lengthiest of the show, yet he managed to deliver punchlines so well – even he admitted to having a difficult time maintaining a straight face.

“When we finally attack the Hound at the end, and it turns out not to be what anybody expects – that was just a lot of fun,” said Walker, in reference to one of his favorite scenes.

Performances ended with standing ovations. The crowd was in love with the dynamic actors and beautiful set pieces.

“I thought it was really great!” said audience member Amanda Bishop. “I have seen a couple other adaptations of the Baskerville story before, and I thought this one was hilarious. They did a wonderful job.”