The 2020 election is coming up, and Democrats are throwing their hat into the ring left and right. Everyone wants the chance to dethrone Donald Trump. One such candidate is Amy Klobuchar.

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Klobuchar is a senator from Minnesota and a Democrat who is very popular in her state, never dropping below 50 percent approval in her tenure. She is also very busy, passing more legislation than any other senator, according to a study by Northwestern University. Prior to her initial election back in 2006, she was a lawyer for two prominent firms in Minnesota.

Most of her views align with her party. She is pro-choice, supports LGBTQ communities, pro-ObamaCare and opposed the war in Iraq. However, she’s more moderate than most, voting in favor of Trump’s legislation 31 percent of the time. That’s more support from one person than any Democrat would admit. Though she may appear like a moderate candidate that may have a chance of winning this presidency, there’s an important controversy that merits discussion first.

Amy Klobuchar is an awful boss. BuzzFeed recently released a story exposing a harsh and even abusive work environment at the office of Klobuchar. She even held an annual turnover rate of 36 percent from 2011 to 2016, worse than any other senator. So while her public approval is excellent, it comes at the cost of those working closest to her.

Personally, this doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve experienced crappy work environments in my past, and obviously it’s not ideal, but compared to Trump, she’s a walk in the park.

Then again, this seems to be the focus in modern politics; it is a lesser of two evils type of issue these days. Is one employee scandal really significant compared to the literal dozens of Donald Trump? Should that become the norm for American politics? Is that where America is headed?

Amy Klobuchar is not a perfect candidate nor a perfect human. None of us are. We are most likely going to need a politician capable of cooperation with both sides of the spectrum if we want someone new in office come 2021, and she can be that person.

We’re still well over a year and a primary away from the big election, so more capable candidates may step forward yet. Only time will tell.