The ETSU Powerlifting Club is the newest student organization and officially-recognized Sport Club on campus. 

Initiated by Kyle Travis, a first year doctoral student in Sport Physiology, and Dr. Caleb Bazyler, Program Coordinator of the Sport Science and Coach Education M.S., this club welcomes all student, faculty and staff powerlifters.

“Believe it or not, there is a huge interest in powerlifting at ETSU,” said Travis. “We’ve already had so many people excited about joining this club.”

Although this club has only existed for about three weeks, it already has 25 club members.

“Both Dr. Bazyler and I come from strength sport backgrounds,” explained Travis. “By forming a club, we are creating a cohort of like-minded individuals here on campus.”

Powerlifting Club members have the opportunity to train together and receive expert guidance from Sport Science graduate students in Clemmer College’s Department of Sport, Exercise, Recreation, and Kinesiology. 

“I’m excited to work with a solid group of graduate and undergraduate students committed to promoting powerlifting in the region,” said Bazyler. “Our goal is to produce the best powerlifters in the region using evidence-based training practices.”

Bazyler and Travis intend to have ETSU to become a USA Powerlifting recognized training site. Once they become a USAPL training site, they can host sanctioned competitions.

“This club isn’t for personal training or just hanging out in the gym,” emphasized Travis. “We are advocating for competition for those who join.”

Club members are required to post a yearly competition total, but don’t be intimidated by it.

“Literally anyone can do it,” Travis assured. “A lot of people participate in training already, but they’re not competing. We want this club to open up the opportunity for individuals to compete.” 

Unlike weightlifting, powerlifting competitions are not just for the able-bodied. Teams can include paralympic individuals.

As a new club, they’re still working out details like an established training facility, equipment and training times. To keep up with their progress or get more information, follow them on Instagram @etsupl or contact Annual membership costs $10.

“If you think that you can back squat a horse and bench press a house, give us a shot,” Travis joked. “We thank you from the bottom of our squats.”