Rugby is different than other contact sports. It has no helmets, no shoulder pads or any padding at all really. ETSU now has a Rugby Club available for those with and without experience in the sport.

“When finding new players, we don’t only look for people with experience,” said club secretary Alexandro Escobar. “We look for anyone who is wanting to play a contact sport and is willing to try something new.”

The club’s main goals are to teach and promote the game of Rugby Union Football to anyone who is interested and to provide an opportunity for those interested to participate in actual games.

“We normally play sevens, so we only play in the spring and we usually try to get friendly’s in the fall,” Escobar said. “We play three tournaments in the spring, usually consisting of five games each. Typically we play in a fourth tournament if we make it in the final rounds.”

For Escobar, his time in the club has been a positive experience.

“I started playing rugby in the fall semester of 2017,” he said. “It was even more than I asked for. It was a thrilling experience.”

Since then, Escobar has become the secretary of the club and says that they are currently looking for more players for the fall semester of 2019. 

To get more information you can contact or To find out dates and times of upcoming games, go to

The club is planning to start placing fliers in dorms and around campus in the coming days.